How long does it take to achieve results?
A. Within the first week, our CTO provides you with a technical site review and keyword phrase strategy. Within the first thirty (30) days, we begin optimizing and submitting to all engines and directories. Within the first sixty (60) days, the search engine and directories begin to show results of our preliminary efforts. Your SEO campaign will seriously ramp-up within the first three (3) to six (6) months as the engines and directories re-index their database. Some engines/directories can vary their indexing from two (2) weeks up to four (4) months so it's important to perform SEO services month after month on an annual basis if you want to achieve the best possible results.
How many years of experience do you have?
We've been providing search engine ranking services for almost 4 years. In past we provide non-branded solution to many Indian and US agencies, but now from last one year we jump in market and start providing direct service to end users.
What is your company's proficiency in SEO? Do you specialize in specific industries?
Our specialty lies in the thorough analysis, ongoing consulting and recommendations for improving your website's search engine visibility. Proper Registration of your site in the major search engines and directories, such as Yahoo!, Google,MSN etc. Engine-Specific optimized content with increased Link-Popularity and improved keyword rankings. Monthly reporting of your keyword rankings across the major engines.
How many projects have you handled? What is the average value of those?
We have successfully optimized 500+ sites in the last 4 years. The average order value is INR 40,000, but the increasing majority of SEO projects fall in the INR 25,000 -INR 60,000 range - since we ramped up business development in January 2002.
What would be the deliverables by way of project management?
Depends on the SEO package chosen and the specifics of the assignment. Expect these documents via e-mail in this order: Project proposal, order confirmation report, keyword list report, date-wise activity plan, weekly progress report on web development, monthly SE rankings reports following submission throughout the project life cycle, content recommendations as needed, etc.
What maintenance do you provide, and what is the monthly cost?
We report the engine and position of each client key phrase link to our customers on a monthly basis. We research, develop and implement new SEO techniques on a weekly basis. We monitor the search engines and directories on a daily basis. Cost varies depending on the number of keyword phrases we optimize, cost of pay-per-submission directories, levels of consulting, number of links to improve link popularity and level of website sophistication or programming. There is a set-up fee based on the above criteria.
Can social media optimization drive more traffic and help expand my online business?
Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc, have become the most visited sites on the internet. If you have a significant presence here, it might go a long way in advertising your business globally. This results in not just more traffic but better conversions also as this is not a direct selling but interest-based engagement.
If I am getting SEO done already, would I still need SMO?
Social media optimization is a natural extension of SEO. Search engine optimization helps you market your site through search engines while SMO strengthens your brand image across the high traffic social media platforms on the internet.
Refund and Cancellation Policy ?

Cancellation policy

Tattavit follows a transparent and no fuss cancellation policy. Here are the terms of the policy:

  • All cancellation requests should be sent to our billing department or communicated to your Account Manager. The cancellation will not be valid until it is confirmed by the respective department.
  • Cancellation requests will be considered only when the request is made within 12 hours of placing the order and execution of the project has not started already.
  • Tattavit will not be held responsible for any third party services, such as hosting, web development, content writing etc.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of its services, Tattavit does not guarantee any refunds upon cancellation. In case of monthly payment, it is understood that payment for next month is released only after reviewing the current month's performance. Tattavit does not make any guarantees on the basis of traffic/rankings etc. and will not be held responsible for any refund claims thereof.